La Salle PJ Alumni

In any school, its alumni are part of its lifeblood and are vitally important stakeholders. These former students are where they are today largely due to the knowledge and experiences gained from their alma mater. The La Salle PJ Alumni embraces this sense of belonging and oneness with our old school, with treasured fond memories of building the learning blocks of life’s lessons learned from our teachers, our principal, our friends in school and all the trials and tribulations that came during our formative years.

Today, as successful individuals ourselves, the Old Lasallians of La Salle PJ are proud to return to serve our school in supporting the teaching faculty in mentoring and character development initiatives that benefit the young students in school today.

The Old Lasallians Association of La Salle PJ is the ideal platform that builds the bridges between the alumni and the school today.

Our Old Lasallians from various batches of the alumni have been highly supportive in their efforts to drive improvement of facilities and opportunities for the school to grow. The La Salle PJ Alumni is the platform that binds all of these efforts as we envision to enhance these efforts and contributions into a more concerted and dynamic program that bears results which can be measured.


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